Brand Building vs. Selling Products

Now is the time to start thinking:

What is my brand?

Do I appeal to the wealthy? Do I appeal to everyone? Why would someone identify with my brand?

There's no right or wrong answer, but there is a right or wrong approach. You can't approach a wealthy customer with discount codes: They don't need one.

You can't approach the masses with exclusivity: You can't sell to everyone and nobody at the same time.

So give it some thought.

What are my products?

Do I sell expensive items or are my items similar to everyone else?

If my item isn't noticeably different than other items, then I can't sell it at a premium price without building a strong brand.

If my item is expensive, I can't sell it to people without disposable income.

Again, it's not about right or wrong. You just have to match the item with the customer properly.

Lastly, consider partnership.

If you have a product but no customers, there are plenty of established businesses with customers, but they need the next product to sell to them. Give some retailers a piece of the pie, and you'll both be happy.

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